Remembering the Christchurch Mosque Shootings

Image Source: BBC News

March 15 marks the second year since 50 people were killed in a terrorist shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. When hateful events like these happen, it does not only disrupt the lives of the Muslim community and those living in New Zealand. As global citizens, the effects ripples through all communities affecting us, and in particularly our Muslim students, faculty and staff on campus and in the greater Fairfax Community. 

We celebrate and remember the lives of -  

Abdukadir Elmi
Abdul Fattah Qasem
Ahmed Abdel Ghani
Ali Elmadani
Amjad Hamid
Ansi Alibava
Ashraf Ali
Ashraf Al-Masri
Ashraf Morsi
Asif Vora
Atta Elayyan
Daoud Nabi
Farhaj Ahsan
Ghulam Husain
Hafiz Musa Vali Patel
Hamza Mustafa
Haroon Mehmood 

Hosne Ahmed
Hussain al-Umari
Hussein Moustafa
Junaid Kara/Ismail
Kamel Mohamad Kamel Darweesh
Karam Bibi
Khaled Mustafa
Linda Armstrong
Maheboob Khokhar
Matiullah Safi
Mohammed Imran Khan
Omar Faruk
Mohsen Mohammed Al Harbi
Mojammel Hoq
Mounir Suleiman
Mucad Ibrahim
Lilik Abdul Hamid 

Abdus Samad
Musa Nur Awale
Naeem Rashid
Osama Adnan Abu Kweik
Ozair Kadir
Ramiz Vora
Sayyad Milne
Sohail Shahid
Syed Areeb Ahmed
Syed Jahandad Ali
Talha Rashid
Tariq Omar
Zakaria Bhuiya
Zeeshan Raza
Muhammad Haziq bin Mohd Tarmizi
Mohamad Moosi Mohamedhosen
Zekeriya Tuyan 

Recalling these types of incidents affect individuals in our community on different levels and in different ways. If you find it difficult to process your memories around this event, please seek out positive ways to honor your personal needs and well-being. Please utilize the resources listed without hesitation:

With thoughts of peace,

Hamal Strayhorn
Director | Coalition Building and Diversity Education

The 2020 Election and Bias

This Presidential Election brought with it some divisive and damaging rhetoric. As a result, some individuals have engaged in maladaptive acts of violence and words of bias. It is important that we remind our Patriot family that any acts of bias or violence directed toward anyone or group will not be tolerated in our community. Inherent in our commitment to be a universal campus is the understanding and expectation that all members of our community feel included, respected, and safe.

To report and learn more about acts of bias, visit the Mason Campus Climate webpage:

We urge anyone who has experienced bias or a hate crime to report the incident and give the university an opportunity to respond.


Hamal D. Strayhorn, M.Div.,
Director| Coalition Building and Diversity Education
Pronouns: He, Him, His

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